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Gacharic Spin

unofficial LiveJournal fan-community

Gacharic Spin fan community
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Gacharic Spin fan discussions, translations, and general squee

Gacharic Spin is an indies, all girls, Japanese band. This is a community for fans to come together and share news and translations as well as erupt in general fannish squees.
Feel free to start discussions, ask questions, share rumours, speculations, translations, videos, fan-mixes, karaoke-mixes, icons, pic spams... anything Gacharic Spin related goes! Just be civil and respect the other members.

For info on F Chopper Koga's old band (THE PINK☆PANDA), please visit kumanekoikka.

Gacharic Spin started up in 2009 after F Chopper Koga (Koga Michiko) left her old band, THE PINK☆PANDA. They released their first maxi-single titled Lock On!! in March 2010.

Member Profiles


Birthday: 22 December
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Walking my dog
Special talent: Being able to fall asleep anywhere
Favourite/Least favourite food: Bread/Shellfish
Favurite colour: Yellow
Pet phrase: "Hey, hey~"
Childhood dream: Being a flight attendant
Favourite artists and influences: Primus
Hopes and aspirations for Gacharic Spin: I want to make it so that Gacharic Spin is the first thing to spring to people's minds when they think "girl band".

TOMO-ZO (guitar)

Birthday: 10 September
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Reading
Special talent: Pulling faces
Favourite/Least favourite food: Sweets/Coriander
Favurite colour: Pink
Pet phrase: "Surely!"
Childhood dream: Being a singer
Favourite artists and influences: JUDY AND MARY
Hopes and aspirations for Gacharic Spin: From now on, I'll do my very best to challenge myself by doings things I've never done before, and absorb as much as I can from those experiences!

HANA (drums)

Birthday: 16 May
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Sleeping, aroma therapy
Special talent: Moonwalking
Favourite/Least favourite food: Rice/Green peas, and salmon roe
Favurite colour: Pastel colours
Pet phrase: 「わりとね~」
Childhood dream: I was super cool, so I didn't have any
Favourite artists and influences: PANTERA
Hopes and aspirations for Gacharic Spin: I hope we'll steadily grow as a band

OREO REONA (keyboard)

Birthday: 10 November
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Watching Japanese films
Special talent: Getting wild ideas
Favourite/Least favourite food: Mango, shrimp chili/coriander, glazed carrots
Favurite colour: Red, white, purple
Pet phrase: Hey, wait a minute!
Childhood dream:Being one of Mothra's little beauties.
Favourite artists and influences: Deep Purple
Hopes and aspirations for Gacharic Spin: Being the world's most super sexy band

MAI (dancer #1)

Birthday: 30 June
Blood type: O
Dance experience: 6 years
Influences: TOMO-ZO
Knock-out skill: Baby-face dancing
Catchphrase: I am Mai, GachaGacha dancer #1, dancing to get you pumped!

ARISA (dancer #2)

Birthday: 20 November
Blood type: O
Dance experience: 6 years
Influences: People who score over 40 points on tests.
Knock-out skill: Headbanging
Catchphrase: I am Arisa in wonderland


ARMMY (vocals):

Birthday: 15 June
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Shopping, billiards
Special talent: Drawing
Favourite/Least favourite food: Italian food/Wasabi
Favurite colour: Blue, white, passion-pink
Pet phrase: "What?" "Somehow..."
Childhood dream: Being a manga artist
Favourite artists and influences: Cindy Lauper, youjeen, PINK
Hopes and aspirations for Gacharic Spin: To make it a monster of a girl's band!